Sunday, 5 February 2017

Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate review

I bought this product during my Japan trip way back in October last year. At the same time as buying and being sold the Synchro skin cushion, I bought the above in the biggest size they have, which is 75 ml.

shiseido ultimune power infusing concentrate claims a number of things. What sold it to me is the fact it helps with anti-aging, smooth out your blemish and enhance your skin complexion.

Price: £130 approx, the yen rate against GBP was pretty poor.

Consistency: White slightly lotion like.

How it feels on my face: I have a combination oily skin and with the all traveling I was doing, my skin was pretty tired, fines started appearing.

After using the concentrate for a few days, I can see my skin looked less tired, more smooth and less blemishes visible. I use it every morning and evening after cleansing my face.

After I applied this concentrate, my skin felt very soft and smooth. You need to put moisturiser after this concntrate, as it does not moisturise the skin.

Conclusion: I love this product. It helps with my aging face. I wish I have photos before and after.

Score out of 5: 4.5 (the .5 because I wish it also provides some moisture)

Shiseido Synchro Skin Glow Cushion Compact review

I went to Japan October 2016 for a 3 weeks holiday. Me and my hubby went to Tokyo, Sapporo, other parts in Hokkaido and Osaka. With the last stop in a big city, I could not leave Japan without going shopping for beauty products and makeup.

I went to the department store called Hankyo. this Shiseido counter was launching a new product, this is the Shiseido Synchro skin range. I believe the foundation was release some time before.

I have been using this cushion for a while now, so going to make some reviews on this product

The product sites claims the following:
Revives skin’s luminosity 
Taking advantage of light technology, it gives skin a polished glow with transparent collecting polymer and Super Hyaluronic Acid.

Protects skin 
Specially selected natural ingredients provide skin-supporting powers. Mother of Thyme Extract helps prevent skin damage caused by oxidation*, and Hypericum Perforatum Extract helps prevent skin roughness.* 

Responds to your skin 
Formulated with Advanced Sensing Technology, it creates dynamic synchronization with your skin, optimizing light, oil and moisture to maintain skin’s beautiful look as skin conditions change throughout the day.
*In vitro tests

My Skin: I have combination oily skin especially on the T zone. Cheeks can become dry in the winter.

First Impressions:
The packaging is pretty neat and chic, its very Shiseido style, the cushion itself has a simple feminine design. Plastic case with a cushion puff that is placed in the upper layer above the foundation itself.

Price: I remember it was around £33. The exchange rate for yen against pound sterling (GBP) was pretty low.

Foundation: thin and light, light to medium coverage. SPF 23

Feel on the face: Using tap motion with the cushion puff, it feels very light, non greasy, nor cakey and feels breathable.

Lasts: by the end of a 10 hour day, its all worn off. I think it only lasts for like 6 hours before a top up.

My score: for winter, my skin needs a bit more coverage, so I use more concealer. so that's 3 out of 5
For summer, I wont tend to use concealer as I do not want to look too heavy with makeup. 4 out of 5.

My verdict:  I think its definitely a lovely cushion for the summer rather than winter.

London Marathon 2016 - My First Marathon

This is a very late blog post, I don't know why I didnt write about this earlier, it has been almost a year now.

My first marathon, the full 26.2 miles was in London. I got a ballot place from the Virgin Money London Marathon way back in October 2015. I was very shocked because I hear lots of people who enter the ballot and year after year, they receive the 'Sorry' magazine. I was expecting the same as the year because, I got that same magazine through the post. Anyway, I was very nervous and surprised when I got the 'You're in' magazine!

I went with a training plan online, this was the Bupa beginners marathon training plan. I didn't have high expectations because the only thing I was worried about was that I couldn't make the distance.
I did follow the plan as much as I could, I say I did around 70% of us. It was rough and some days, I just felt like giving up and just having a lie in on Sundays.

From the diet point of view, I did eat more protein and carbs. After most long runs, I would have a hot chocolate. Every day I would have my daily vitamins which was the Alive from Natural Health for Women's Energy. I would say it helped with my push myself onto the scheduled runs.

For after care, post running, most of time, I would have a hot bath with Epsom salts and muscle soak. My calves use to feel so tired and in agony with ache, I used Biofreeze to cool and soothe them. Also I bought myself a handheld massage roller, so whilst resting on the sofa, I would massage my thighs and calves.

Many people use raising money for charity as a motivator for training for a full marathon, I was the same. My company was kind enough to double what I was raise and that helped me a lot and colleagues encouraged me not to give up! It was a local charity, Emily Ash Trust which helps family and kids who suffer through cancer and other illness.

Anyway, I did it, as my photo above show. I didn't worry about my time. 5 hours 56 mins, for the record. I had to stop twice to see friends and family and once for a stretch. It was tough but afterwards I couldn't stop smiling. It was one the best feeling in the world!

I hope this blog post is of some use to anyone thinking of running a marathon.

Happy running!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

GNR - special race!

Just wanted to share that I am so excited to be running at The Great North Run 2015. I have been running for a few years now and although this is not my first race, I am excited because:
  • I got a balloted place for one of most popular races in the UK.
  • First time running in a different town away from home.
  • I will be running on my birthday!!!
 Another medal to add to my race bling! :)

My Scheming Blackhead Removal Activated Carbon Mask Set

Wow, it's been a while since I have written anything for my blog. Time has flown and so many things has happened. Anyway I am back on this and will try and blog more. I promise to blog more on different things from events in my life to beauty products which I like and deserve reviews.

Recently I came across this product whilst stumbling on you tube. I always had a blackhead problem and like many women, you tend to try different products to see what works best. Anyway this is the product which I am surprised and thought 'this is THE ONE' for removing my blackheads.

I believe this is a Taiwanese product, and it boasts that it can remove or pluck out blackheads and whiteheads from the roots (my translation from the product box!). It is a 3 step system so the contents is 3 different products. Following these steps and do not miss any out!

  1. Deep Pore Sebum Softener. This is a small white bottle of slightly sticky clear liquid. You use this first and put it on the areas where you want to soften the black/white heads. For me, it was on the whole nose and underneath the lip. Wait for 5 mins, then wash it off and leave the areas wet.
  2. Blackhead Removal Activated Carbon Mask. This is a quite a big tube of black thick carbon mask. Once you did step 1 above, you put a generous amount all over the areas where you want to removal mask to work. For me, it was the whole nose and underneath the lip. Leave it to dry for at least 20 mins. Once dry, peel it from the bottom upwards. You should be able to see all the white and black heads on the dried mask, See  pic below
    TMI used carbon mask peeled with lots of whiteheads on!
  3.  Skin Clarifying Pore Treatment Essence. This is a small white bottle of essence to tighten, moisturise and hydration your pores. Once all the carbon mask has been peeled or cleaned off (there might be some residue which you might want to get a flannel to get off), put a good amount all over the peeled off areas, i.e. whole nose and under lip. Once this is dried, you should feel it being very smooth and soft.
I was very amazed with this product, it managed to pluck out so many dirty stuff out of my nose, more than any other product I used before such as pore strips and just balm masks.

I got this product from eBay at around 10 pounds. I have a feeling its popular in Asian countries, but I have only heard about this product recently. I recommend this product 100%! Thumbs up!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Eason's LIFE Concert at O2 London

I had the opportunity to attend Eason's LIFE concert at the O2 in London. My hubby worked as one of the press and obtained a limited press pass.

Eason's Review in Inside Shock

The concert was so good! Please visit my review and put a like. The photos were taken by my hubby, Andrew Chang.

Monday, 24 February 2014

FINE Hyaluron & Collagen Review

I just came back holidaying in Thailand and Singapore and had an amazing time. Time spent with my other half is always fun and enjoyable. However this holiday is slightly different, I got to meet some of my friends from around the world. More on that later!

One of my good friends Mich, recommended me to try the FINE Hyaluron & Collagen powder to improve my skin. She has already blogged about it, so I will not go into details on the ingredients and packaging etc. Please read her review

Here is the link to more information about this product.

I bought my tin of FINE from Singapore Sasa, though you can buy it from Sasa online too. Every morning I have cereal and I put a teaspoon of this powder and mix it with milk before adding cereal.

Taste wise, mixed with milk, its a bit creamy, I think it milk smells rather sweet but it does not taste sweet.

When I got back from my trip, I had several spots on my face and with coming back to UK weather, my skin soon developed lots of dry patches.

I have taken this for 6 days now, I can honestly say all my spots have deflated and look really faint. I have freckles which are not changed in any way but the rest of the skin on my face seems to be clearer as well as brighter. I do still have some dryness but I don't think without moisturising, my skin will get any hydration. When I feel my face, its more elasticated and soft.  All in all, I notice a big difference on my face. This is because when I usually get spots on my face, it takes a long time for them to disappear, but this time, its less than one week!

I will continue with this tin until I finish it! So far so good though! Thumbs up!